EU Representative Services

As an organisation located outside the EU which processes personal data of people inside the European Union, you are obliged to adhere to GDPR requirements, even though the privacy and data protection laws in your own country may differ, and in many cases, may be more lenient. How are you going to adhere to the standards set by the GDPR, as well as those provided by your own laws and regulations? Your organisation may in such situations find it difficult to deal with the (additional) requirements stemming from the GDPR, including the communication with Data Subjects and Data Protection Authorities.

Cuccibu can help you with meeting your GDPR requirements, starting with the appointing of an EU representative.

EU representative requirement (article 27)

GDPR article 27 requires that any organisation which is based outside the European Union (EU), but meets the requirements of article 3(2) appoint a representative in an EU member state. This means any organisation which targets, monitors or tracks individuals within the European Union.

The responsibilities of the representative are to act as the first point of contact for both the supervisory authorities and data subjects. This means that they are mandated to communicate on your behalf. The contact details of the organisation acting as your EU representative will be included in your privacy statement and will handle (first) communication with data subjects and supervisory authorities. This mandate must be provided via a written statement.

Cuccibu’s GDPR EU Representative service

To comply with your GDPR article 27 obligations, you may choose appoint Cuccibu as your representative within the European Union, when you are targeting individuals in the Netherlands (whether exclusively in the Netherlands, or as part of a broader group of countries).

Cuccibu offers a EU representative service, which includes:

  • The inclusion of our contact details and information in your privacy statement;
  • Acting as the liaison between your organisation and data protection authorities;
  • Receiving and processing any data subject communications, including data subject rights requests on your behalf;
  • Handling the communication of data breaches to supervisory authorities and/or data subjects if necessary.

Additionally Cuccibu can provide additional services to your organisation such as drafting/reviewing data processing agreements and other contracts, setting up a register of processing activities, GDPR project lead or execution of Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Would you like to know more about the role of an EU representative or are you interested in appointing Cuccibu as your EU representative? Please contact us via so we can discuss your exact organisational needs and requirements and provide you with a fitting quote.